The Monkey Man - recounted by Daryl Clark and experienced by Bryan Clark

You have to read the previous story in order for you to appreciate this story!

In 1983 Bryan Clark decided to visit me in the Philippines and check out my Peace Corps scene. Part of this visit included a trip to Sorsogon. During the visit to Sorsogon, we decided to have a night out on the town. If you have never been to Sorsogon, the best way to describe it is to think of it as the old West. In the evening most of the stores are boarded up and the streets are relatively empty.

The town not having much action, never prevented us Peace Corps Volunteers from trying our best to wake up the town and have a good time. That evening we all decided to take my brother out bar hopping. I believe the participants were Boylan, Jeff Smith, Nelson Dolorias and Scott Manos. We started at the place across from the bus station (sorry guys, I forgot the name of the place) and proceeded to go to the new "upstairs bar". This bar was a pretty simple place with about twelve tables and a small stage. It was kind of a folk house. If you have never been to the Philippines, one of the great things is their love for music and acoustic music in particular. My brother Bryan has always deemed himself, "rock star potential" and he has done his best to prove it for many years.

This particular evening Jeff Smith who plays guitar, got up and played a few blues tunes and a rousing version of "Hound Dog", as Bryan waited in the wings for his 15 minutes of fame. The house band was particularly fond of the Eagles and Bryan was fond of Led Zeppelin. Bryan eventually gave us with his version of "Stairway to Heaven" and the most over played song in the history of Rock & Roll..."Hotel California". After Bryan's 15 minutes of fame, we decided to call it a night and we headed back to Boylan and Scott's place.

Although we had been together all day, Bryan didn't realize who we were hanging out with. It was the previous day when I told him the Boylan vs. the monkey story! There was not enough space at Jeff's house for Bryan, Lena and myself, so we were deciding where everyone was going to sleep. Suddenly Bryan had an Epiphany! He looked around and pointed his finger at Boylan and said, "wait a minute, you are the Monkey Man aren't you! Daryl, hey there is no way I'm staying with the monkey man", Bryan exclaimed!

We all had a laugh and Bryan spent the night at Jeff's house. Over the past six years Bryan has had numerous visits to the Philippines and he spent a lot of time with the Monkey Man, in fact they became close friends!