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Boylan was from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Boylan was a graduate of the Bicol University Masters in Management Degree Program in Legaspi City, Philippines. He had attended the University of Michigan and acquired a B.S. Natural Resources and Eastern Michigan University where he majored in Biology. He joined the Peace Corps in 1982 and was a volunteer through 1986. Prior to joining the Peace Corps, Boylan made frequent trips to South America. He hiked most of the Inca trail and has been to the hidden city of Machu Picu. Boylan frequented the country of Columbia in the late 70's and has been to the headwaters of the Amazon in his adventures. These frequent travels to South America gave Boylan the opportunity to learn Spanish. Over the years Boylan carried a small spiral notebook in his back pocket, which he used to write down new vocabulary words.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of the Philippines from 1982 - 1985, Boylan was assigned to work with and support the Sorsogon Crop Diversification Program (SCDP), headed by our mutual friend Nelson Doloiras. Boylan's site was the small town of Bacon, known for it's excellent beaches and seafood. Bacon is a short distance from the site of SCDP. As a dedicated volunteer Boylan focused on working with upland farmers in crop diversification and reforestation. Boylan was known for his dedication to helping and supporting the small farmer and managing micro-projects to support and improve the livelihood of his Province mates. Through our mutual friend Walt Whitmer, Boylan also worked with the Free Framers of the Philippines to promote their cause both locally and regionally.

During his stint with his stint with the Peace Corps, Boylan was known by his fellow volunteers as a very mellow and gracious friend, who always had a different way of looking at mutual experiences. Boylan made close friends with all of the Peace Corps Volunteers assigned to the Bicol Region. Those volunteers included Scott Manos, John Bradshaw, Dave Van Deusen, Mark Smith, Daryl Clark, Walt Whitmer, Judy Hofer, Julie Porter and many more! During his stint as a Peace Corps volunteer, Boylan traditionally courted his wife Tessie. They later got married and had two children, Willis (the kid) and Shena. Boylan was known for his love of music, languages, cultures and FOOD (see stories). Boylan was also a third degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do.

In 1985 Boylan was obliged to leave the Peace Corps but he never left the people he loved, the upland farmers of Southern Luzon. Boylan continued his work with farmers and created the Bicol Upland Renaissance organization and worked with a number of NGO's to get grants to support his activities and the livelihood activities of upland farmers in Bicol. Boylan became well known to Philippine Agro-Forestry officials and staff members of U.S. AID in Manila. Over the years Boylan worked tirelessly to support farmers and fisherman in the provinces of Sorsogon, Albay, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte in Southern Luzon.

Boylan took up scuba diving in the mid-1990's.. Boylan was a member of the Bicol Scuba Divers Association which has been in existence for over 20 years. Although Boylan was the only official "Cano" member, he was known and respected by the entire organization. During this time, Boylan finished his Masters Degree at Bicol College and was just completing his Ph.D. prior to his untimely death. Boylan was fond of saying how he practiced all Filipino cultural practices and thus he developed a relationship with Mattie Jovan, who he fathered Justin and Stephanie with.

Boylan passed away in a solo scuba accident on September 22, 2001, while diving in the gulf of Albay near Legaspi City. Des Preston (Boylan's brother) while in the Philippines since Boylan's death, worked on understanding, investigating and coming to specific conclusions about Boylan's death.

Des Preston hopes to eventually start a foundation in Boylan's name to support Agro-Forestry in Costa Rica.